Dana Mancuso, PA, LMFT

Dana Mancuso is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is diligent in her work and dedicated to the profession. Dana holds both a LMFT degree as well as and medical degree as Physician Assistant that makes her a wonderful resource for a wide range of individuals, families, couples, adolescence and children who are struggling. Alongside her dual degrees, Dana has earned additional certifications in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gottman training for couples work and is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Each year Dana continues to enhance her knowledge and expertise in the field by maintaining up to date information through professional conferences and seminars.

Dana has been extremely successful in her work and maintains an outstanding track record of moving her clients in a positive and functional direction. Dana specializes in all forms of Anxiety Disorders including OCD, panic, social anxiety and phobias and is well versed in using CBT therapy to successfully treat her clients. She also has extensive experience in behavioral issues with children and teens. At Long Island Anxiety Care Dana collaborates to execute the school refusal program and evaluates children and teens struggling in that area. Dana recognizes the, often overlooked, overlap and connection between anxiety and maladaptive behavioral patterns in adolescence and pre-adolescence and creates a customized plan for each client and family. Dana has recently been part of developing a Comprehensive Women’s Psychological Treatment Tract, where specific issues that women often encounter are managed. This focus includes postpartum depression, new mom support, infertility issues as well as grief in the form of both individual and group type settings.

Prior to her private practice focus, Dana had done much of her work helping at risk children and teens through the Family and Children’s Association PINS Diversion Program and Family Mediation court-appointed treatment. Through this work Dana gained experience and skills in connecting with difficult, at risk and hard to reach teens. Through that platform, Dana had developed and executed functional
support groups for teens who were victims of abuse or neglect at an early age as well as a strengthening family group which taught parents the skills necessary to help get on a healthy path within their families.

Along with Dana’s accomplishments in the psychological field, she had previously had a very successful career in medicine as Physician Assistant in both the private practice and hospital settings. Her experience is multifaceted and her training within several specialties allows her a well-rounded and balanced view of each client she treats. Although Dana is not practicing at LIAC in the Physician Assistant role, her medical experience and background is often appreciated by clients in discussing comorbid medical issues of concern as well as medication understanding.

Dana is available to treat clients within all age groups and will surely be able to make a specific plan for yourself, your children or your family.